New Construction


There is so much to consider when you are building. At Quality Heating & Cooling, we take care of all the important details when it comes to your HVAC needs. When you work with us, you can trust our proficient professionals will partner with you and your contractor team to be sure all aspects of your HVAC system are correctly handled and completed. Assembling the optimum construction team is vital to the success of a project, as well as the future comfort and efficiency of your home. Including our expert team on your team will ensure a Quality result for you.

In-House Manual J Load Calculations

One of the main reasons homeowners have improperly sized HVAC systems in their homes, and suffer its consequences, is lack of competent calculations. When we approach an HVAC project for a residential new construction, we rely on our in-house team to determine the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) Manual J load calculations to assess the appropriate size for an HVAC system.

The Manual J load calculation is critical to measure the heating and cooling loads of your new Treasure Valley home so our experts can recommend the right capacity of needed HVAC equipment. Our team analyzes every aspect of all your plans to produce the ideal recommendations. Installing a wrong-sized HVAC system will not give you the comfort, efficiency, or savings you expect from a new system.

Customized Just for You

We do not believe in cookie-cutter anything when it comes to HVAC. One size does not fit all. Every home is different, and every homeowner is different. This is the reason we customize our equipment, systems, and ductwork to fit your individual needs.

When we make recommendations for your project, you can rest assured the equipment we choose is specifically selected to match the particular needs of your new home and your lifestyle. We go to great lengths to find equipment perfectly suited to each other and your end goals for comfort and efficiency.

The same is true for your new home’s systems. Every step is custom designed by us to fill exactly the requirements at hand. We only recommend what we know to be best for your unique situation. We will never duplicate your next-door neighbor’s system. You can rely on your system completely meeting your home’s needs, because it was designed only for you.

Our custom-design practice naturally applies to your ductwork as well. Ductwork is essential to the efficient productivity of your HVAC system. Without well-designed, well-constructed, and well-sealed ductwork, you cannot receive the maximum return on your heating and cooling, no matter what equipment is installed. Our ductwork specialists follow our team’s custom specifications down to the last detail to ensure your system’s synergy.

This is our formula for excellence—custom design all plans to your individual needs, then carry them out with special attention to each detail.

Quality Installation

Right from the start, you will know we are different. Our Quality pervades all we do. We believe in extraordinary craftsmanship, and our HVAC team demonstrates our skill, reliability, knowledge, and experience at every turn. When we work with you on your new home, from the beginning you will see and feel that your installation is Quality. And once your project is complete, you will experience first hand how having Quality Heating & Cooling custom design and install your HVAC system makes all the difference in your new home.

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